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Additional Tires not recalled but subject to a NHTSA Advisory-September 1, 2000

 1991-2000 Ford Explorer
 1991-2001 Ford Explorer Sport
 1996-2000 Mecury Mountaineer
 1991-2000 Ford Ranger
 1991-1994 Ford F-Series
 1991-1994 Ford Bronco
 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
 1991-1994 Mazada Navajo
 1991-1994 Mazada B Series
More than 6.5 million tires including*:

Firestone Wilderness ATs

Radial ATXs


The tires are 15" and identified by the last two digits on the tires size designation. For example: P255/70R15 means that the tires are 15 inches and thus subject to the recall.

Full Tire Lists*
The following tires are for:
4x2 Only Ford Explorer, Mountaineer and Ranger affected by this recall:

Tread Design Manufacturer Tire Brand  Speed/Load  Sidewall
 AS Bridgestone Dueler H/L  105S  OWL
 AS Continental Conti Trac Radial ST  105S  OWL
 AS Firestone Wilderness HT  105S  OWL
 AS Firestone Wilderness HT IV  105S  OWL
 AS General Grabber ST  SL  OWL1.25
 AS Goodyear Wrangler HT  S2  OWL
 AS Goodyear Workhorse Radial  S2  RWL
 AS Michelin LTX M/S  105S  ORWL
 AS Uniroyal Laredo All Season AWP  105S  ROWL
 AS Uniroyal Laredo with Nailgard  SL 105S  ROWL
 AS Uniroyal Laredo All Seasons  105S  OWL

More Information:
The Firestone recall involves Radial ATX and ATX II tires with the designation P235/75R15.  Wilderness AT tires in the same size and with an additional Department of Transportation code beginning with the letters VD are also being recalled.  The designations are found on the tire sidewall; in some cases, the designation may be found on the inside of the tire, depending on how it was installed.

These tires are most commonly used on sport utility vehicles and light trucks including most Ford Explorer Models. Warranty and other records will be used to the extent possible to notify customers with the affected tires by mail. Ford will also provide vehicle identification numbers to locate Explorer and Mountaineer owners.  We will replace the tires, whether original equipment or replacement units, even if the customer did not make the original purchase.

How will the recall operate?

The recall will be phased in beginning in the states with the most reported incidents. 

Phase 1 includes Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. 
Phase 2 includes Louisiana, Nevada, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee. 
Phase 3 will extend the recall to the rest of the states, most of which have no reported incidents.
This staggered recall is under fire from safety groups and lawyers and Firestone has announced is increasing US production of replacement tires flying in tires from Japan.

Customers with a recalled tire will receive a letter from the company notifying them of the recall and the steps that need to be taken. The tires will be replaced with equivalent replacement tires at no charge.  Replacements may include other Bridgestone/Firestone tires or even competitors' equivalents if necessary to expedite the program and minimize inconvenience to customers.

* This list is not necessarily complete and to be safe you should consult with your Ford and Firestone dealer.

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