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Firestone Recalls an Additional 8000 Tires Januar y 3, 2001

Settlement Reached in Ford Lawsuit
Monday January 8, 2001

Death Toll Rises in Firestone Probe
Wednesday December 6 5:42 PM ET

Firestone Problems Concerned Ariz. (AP Financial)
Arizona Department of Public Safety officers were so worried about tread-separation blowouts and accidents involving Firestone truck tires that the agency's director in 1998 ordered them replaced on all DPS vehicles.
- Oct 27 12:21 PM ET

Decatur Firestone Workers Deposed (Associated Press)
A retired tire maker testified Thursday that inspectors at the Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. plant in Decatur, Ill., sometimes had fewer than 30 seconds to check the product. - Oct 26 11:30 PM ET

Six deaths linked to Firestone tires not in recall (Reuters Securities)
At least six of the 119 people who have died in U.S. accidents linked to Firestone tires were riding on tires not covered by the current recall, according to an analysis of 3,700 consumer complaints.- Oct 25 5:55 PM ET

Bridgestone Says It Finds No Major Production Problem (Reuters)

The president of Japanese tire maker Bridgestone Corp said Monday that an interim report on its U.S. unit Firestone had shown no major development or production problems. - Oct 23 9:17 AM ET

Ford Venezuela says 19 pct of recalled tires defective (Reuters Securities)

Ford Motors de Venezuela(NYSE: F - news ), which is fighting charges that inadequate suspension on its Explorer vehicles caused fatal rollovers, said on Monday it has found defects on 19 percent of Firestone tires it has been replacing on the cars since May. - Oct 23 2:27 PM ET

Lawyer says 28 Mexican deaths due to Firestone tires (Reuters Securities)
Twenty-eight Mexicans have died in car crashes blamed on the failure of Firestone tires fitted to sport utility vehicles and light trucks, lawyers for victims' families said on Thursday. - Oct 19 9:39 PM ET

Ford Has Spent $500 Million on Recall (Reuters)
Ford Motor Co. (F.N) has spent about $500 million dealing with the Firestone tire recall, one reason the No. 2 automaker will fail to hits its $1 billion cost-cutting target for the year, Ford's Chief Financial Officer Henry Wallace said on Wednesday. - Oct 18 10:13 AM

U.S. now has 119 deaths linked to Firestone tires (Reuters Securities)
The U.S. death toll from crashes blamed on the failure of Firestone tires fitted to sport utility vehicles and light trucks has risen to 119, U.S. regulators said on Tuesday. - Oct 17 6:05 PM ET

Firestone to Cut Tire Output; NHTSA Ups Death Toll (Reuters)
Firestone, hurt by falling sales of its beleaguered tires, said on Tuesday it will cut production at three U.S. plants, while U.S. regulators raised the number of deaths linked to crashes blamed on the recalled tires to 119. - Oct 17 7:07 PM ET

States Issue Alert on Firestone Tires (Reuters)
The attorneys general from 48 U.S. states and territories, stepping up pressure on Firestone, on Monday alerted consumers that the company has agreed to replace, free of charge, 1.4 million tires beyond the 6.5 million covered by the recall. - Oct 16 11:28 PM ET

Firestone agrees to replace 1.4 mln tires - N.Y. AG (Reuters Securities)
Firestone has agreed to replace an additional 1.4 million tires as part of a multi-state agreement, the New York Attorney General's office said on Monday. - Oct 16 3:42 PM ET

Fla. Judge Opens Tire Deposition (AP Financial)
A judge ruled Friday that reporters from two news organizations can observe the deposition of former workers at a Firestone tire plant later this month. - Oct 13 6:44 PM ET

Blow Out Victim Wants Tire Recalled (Houston - KPRC)
A mother whose tires separated while driving a Chevy Venture wants Bridgestone/Firestone to add another tire to their recall list.
- Oct 10 8:50 AM ET

Ford CEO: Recall Cost 'In the Ballpark' (Reuters)
Ford Motor Co. (F.N) Chief Executive Jacques Nasser said in a television interview broadcast on Sunday that an estimate of $500 million as the cost to Ford of the Firestone tire recall was in the ``ballpark.'' - Oct 08 9:43 PM ET

Faulty Tires May Have Caused Accident (WDSU)

Louisiana state police say that an accident on I-10 in St. Charles Parish could have happened because the tread on a recalled Firestone tire came off.
- Oct 08 9:38 PM ET

Firestone questions quality of NHTSA data (Reuters Securities)
Beleaguered tire maker Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. said on Friday that initial government investigations of some of its tires were inadequate to show whether a safety problem existed.
- Oct 06 8:35 PM ET

Ford Expedites Tire Recall (Associated Press)
The recall of 6.5 million Firestone tires could be completed as early as November, now that the tire industry has ramped up production of replacement sizes, Ford Motor Co. said Friday.
- Oct 06 6:00 PM ET

Tire Deaths Prompt Rollover Scrutiny (Associated Press)

The federal investigation that prompted the huge Firestone recall has focused attention on tire safety, and also helped clear the way for the first federal vehicle rollover ratings, which could be out by year's end.
- Oct 02 5:09 PM ET

Recall Recall And The Problem With Firestone (
While Firestone claims the headlines, the larger problem of rollovers goes unaddressed. Meanwhile, Ford and lawmakers rush to judgment in a case that remains unproven.
- Oct 02 1:38 PM ET

N.Carolina Plant Said Linked to Bad Tires (Reuters)

Drivers who bought Firestone tires made at the company's North Carolina plant complained of tread separations more often than people with tires made at other factories between 1990 and 1995, the Washington Post reported Thursday, citing company documents.
- Sep 28 3:24 AM ET

U.S. House panel backs stronger auto recall bill (Reuters Securities)
Legislation increasing criminal penalties for concealing information about defective tires and automobiles cleared a U.S. House panel on Wednesday, as lawmakers raced to respond to a massive tire recall by Firestone and Ford Motor Co.
- Sep 27 6:46 PM ET

Saudi Arabia Bans Firestone Imports (Associated Press)
Saudi Arabia has banned the import of vehicles equipped with Firestone tires because of fatal accidents linked to them in the United States and overseas. The tire maker believes the action may violate international trade agreements.
- Sep 27 9:34 PM ET

Firestone challenged Ford suspension in Venezuela
Ford Motor Co. changed shock absorbers on its Explorer sport utility vehicles in Venezuela in 1999 to improve stability at high speeds, a change Firestone seized on a year later in defending the performance of its tires.
- Sep 26 2:19 AM ET

Firestone to Meet This Week with Attorneys General
Firestone, embroiled in the recall of 6.5 million tires linked to accidents that resulted in 101 deaths, said on Monday it will meet this week with attorneys general from 38 states to discuss the recall.
- Sep 25 7:33 PM ET

Firestone recall could cost $2.7 bln-UBS Warburg
The Firestone tire recall and subsequent litigation could end up costing from $719 million to $2.7 billion, according to a study released on Monday by investment firm UBS Warburg.
- Sep 25 5:29 PM ET

Lawmakers Pressured By Tire Recall
The Firestone tire recall is spurring Congress, normally reluctant to buck the auto industry, to rush ahead in its final weeks with legislation that gives federal safety regulators more power and money.
- Sep 24 2:19 PM ET

More Firestone tires suspect (Miami Herald)
At least 21 Florida residents have been killed or injured in Ford Explorers and other vehicles equipped with Bridgestone/Firestone tires that have yet to be recalled by the company, according to consumer complaints and lawsuits reviewed by The Herald.
- Sep 24 7:47 AM ET

Amid recall, some explore other options (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
Even before the Firestone tire recall, 13-year-old Brendan Ballou-Kelley of St. Paul bugged his mom to get rid of her Ford Explorer.
- Sep 24 7:47 AM ET

Ford Investigating Tread Separation (Associated Press)
Recalled Firestone tires mounted on Ford Explorers and other Ford Motor Co. trucks appear to fail more often on the rear driver's side than other locations.
- Sep 23 2:58 PM ET

Ford: Increase Tire Air Pressure (AP Financial)
In what Ford Motor Co. is calling an effort to eliminate confusion for its customers, the automaker is now advising Ford Explorer owners to add more air to their Firestone tires.
- Sep 23 4:32 AM ET

Ford agrees to higher tire pressure for Explorer (Reuters Securities)
Ford Motor Co. agreed on Friday to raise the recommended tire pressure on its Explorer sport utility vehicle to allay concerns that low pressure may have played a role in the high failure rate of some Firestone tires.
- Sep 22 8:22 PM ET

Firestone tires not recalled worse than recalled (Reuters Securities)
The Wilderness tires Firestone recalled last month have a better safety record than many of those that have not been recalled, a research group said on Friday, in urging the company to expand its recall.
- Sep 22 3:19 PM ET

NHTSA Advises Consumers of additional Tire Problems- September 1, 2000

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