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11/18/2000 1996 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer 2 Photos

10/24/2000 Rolled Ford Ranger on October 4, 2000, Ferris, Texas

10/24/2000 Hit by Ford Explorer, Fresno, CA

10/16/2000 Rolled Ford Explorer 10/7/2000, Greenville, South Carolina

10/11/2000 Ford Explorer Totaled, Red Lodge, MT

10/10/2000 Ford Explorer Rolls 8 Times, Broken Collar bone, Garner, North Carolina

10/10/2000 Ford Van Blowout resulting Parapelgia, Panama

10/7/2000 1998 Ford Ranger XLT Splash Totalled with Dramatic Photos, Sarasota, Florida

10/2/2000 Dodge Caravan blowout3 people seriously injured, Macon, Georgia

10/1/2000 Ford Explorer Rollover unrelated to Tires?, Haslett, Michigan

9/29/2000 1996 Ford Explorer Totaled in Accident 9/22/2000, New Orleans

9/29/2000 1998 Ford Explorer Accident with several photos, Atlanta, Georgia

9/21/2000 1993 Ford Explorer Rollover with Photos, Wyoming

9/20/2000 Rear Tire Blow out 16 inch Firestone Steeltex AT tire with Photos

9/23/2000 $2000 worth of Damage, Alibene, Texas

9/19/2000 Ford Explorer Sport 2001 blow out, Meridian, Mississippi

9/19/2000 Ford Explorer 1995 with Firestone ATX (235-75-15) blow out, San Jose, California

9/18/2000 Son-in-law and Daughter killed in Ford Explorer fitted with Bridgestone Tires, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

9/15/2000 Dramatic Photo of Tire on Ford Explorer Subject to the Recall

9/15/2000 1996 Ford Explorer Sport Accident-Fracture, Homestead, Florida

9/14/2000 Ford Explorer Accident, Yardley, PA

9/10/2000 Labor Day Accident in Ford F-150 Truck

9/6/2000 Ford Explorer Rollover fractured Spine, Death of US Army Soldier, El Monte, Ca

Could have been killed in Ford Explorer
Case description: I was driving from Dallas to Tyler Tx and entered into a rain storm. I have only had my 1997 Ford Explorer 2 weeks. All of a sudden at 50 mph the car started swerving and did a huge dip from the road into the center median. After swerving to miss many huge trees I came to a stop. Many police officers stoped to see my condition. The car was towed to a body shop for damage to the underside. I was so sure the tires were the cause of the accident, the day the car was released from the body shop I went to Discount Tire on the way home and had all 4 tires replaced. I have the recipte from the body shop and the tire store. I felt very fortunate I was not killed or seriously injured in this accident.
James C.Frisco Texas
Submitted 7 September 2000

Ford Explorer Accident Leaves driver in Coma for 21 Days

Case description: April 5, 1998, not much is known stemming to the cause of my accident. There were no witnesses and I was totally incapacitated and comatose for a period of 21 days as a result of the accident. I suffered a severe back and spinal cord injury and a Traumatic Brain Injury. My 1997 Ford Explorer, was equipped with the firestone Wilderness AT P235/75R15SL tires. Unknown reasons caused the Explorer to loose control and flip over and go airborne, striking a large tree approximately 15 feet up with the roof. The vehicle completely destroyed and totaled. All four tires were flat and seriously damaged. This was a one car accident on a clear, beautiful Sunday afternoon. The accident report quotes me going only 45 miles an hour.
Anna- Bradenton, Florida
Submitted 4 September 2000

Case description: July,2000 The tire shredded and we went and replaced them with different tires because we were afraid after that and we aren't speeders. Our truck,1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 came with these tires and we don't have the tires now because they took them when we replaced the new ones, not realizing they would be recalled. They said that there wasn't a recall on the 16 inch Wilderness AT tires, but I think they'd better check all of them no matter the size, because we are dealing with peoples lives.

Safety is the Issue here. Thank you!

M/M Richard , Thank God We didn't get in a wreck!
Bullhead City, Arizona
Submitted 6 September 2000

Bridgestone Duler Blow-Out
Case description: While traveling on interstate 55 (on Dec. 27, 1999) just after crossing into Louisiana, the left rear tire on our '98 Toyota Rav4 blew out. By the grace of God, neither we, nor our vehicle, sustained any damage. When I went to have the tire repaired, I was told that the tire was unrepairable. I still have no clue as to why the tire blew out. There was no tread separation. The tires are Bridgestone Dueler H/T 215/70R16.
Brent Louisiana
Submitted 3 September 2000

1998 Ford Ranger, with Wilderness HT tires Blow-Out

The passenger front tire blew out on a busy highway nearly causing a fatal accident. Additionally the truck was damaged as a direct result of the tire blowout. It appeared that the sidewall of the tire is what caused the blowout. Two weeks ago the truck was taken into a firestone retail store and officals from that store said that the tires were not part of the recall and didn't need to be replaced. Upon further inspection after the tire blowout it was also apparent that the passenger rear tire was showing signs of tread separation. Thanks
Jon S........Clearwater, Florida
Submitted 3 September 2000

Problems with 16 Inch Last Week

I was going 70mph in a 65mph zone on route 138 in New Jersey. The front drivers side tire blew up. the sidewalls were torn apart and the tread had separated. I was able to control the Explorer and pull off the road. I brought the tire to a Firestone dealer who told me that the tire separated from wear and that since the tires were 16 inch Wilderness AT's, there was nothing he could do. Upon further inspection of the tires, the tread is separating from the other three also. Again, Firestone said it was from normal wear. Please be careful even if you have 16" tires.
Upper Montclair, NJ
Submitted 2 September 2000

Tire Spilt Yesterday
One evening, on my way to work, the tread from my front right tire separated. I heard a large bang, then lost control of my vehicle. My vehicle ended up against a center divider with extensive damage. I had to be towed off the freeway. There was no police report since it was a single vehicle accident. I thought it was a fluke so I didn't pursue it. When this recall came up, and since I hadn't received any notification, I contacted Firestone about replacements. I was put on a waiting list but have not been contacted yet. Yesterday, a chunk of rubber blew off my left front tire, hitting my vehicle with a large bang, another separation has started. Firestone is still backlogged.
Alhambra, California
Submitted 2 September 2000

Two Blow Outs
On two separate occassions, in June, July 1999 a rear Firestone tire lost tread and blew out while I was driving on the highway. Luckily no one was injured. I had my tires replaced becuase I feared it would happen again. Firestone partially reimbursed the expense, but I plan on requesting full reimbursement.
Round Rock, Texas
Submitted 1 September 2000

Tread Peeled Dislocated Shoulder
The Tread peeled from the tire and crushed the entire rear quarter panel causing me to lose control and slide into the shoulder of the road. The Violent nature of the change in direction and correction by myself caused my shoulder to dislocate. I have yet to have it repaired for lack of funds. I attempted to have Firestone Replace them after the accident but they said that the slipping of the tread was due to under inflation and although the tread was good they would not even replace them.
Troy, Lafayette, Louisiana
Submitted 1 September 2000

Two Blow Outs Ford F-150
On August 17, 2000, I was driving to Houston in my husband's 1993 Ford F150 on Hwy. 71 (just outside of Bastrop) when the tread on my Firestone tire came off. The tread on the tire got caught on the metal strip that runs along the top of the wheel well and coiled it up. After someone helped me change the tire, I immediately went to the Bastrop Auto Exchange and had all of the tires replaced with another brand. This was the second time that a Firestone tire distingrated while I was driving the truck. That time (about a year and a half ago on the same Hwy.) the tire tread seriously dented the truck on either side of the wheel well. We were very lucky that we were not injured.
Ellen, Lago Vista, TX
Submitted 31 August 2000

Wilderness Tires Blow out
August 28, 2000 Tennessee

My driver side front tire blew off tread while traveling down the expressway. The tread hit the fender and caused damage to the underneath of the front fender. I was barely able to keep the vehicle under control. I have the tire and the tread. Thank God, I was able to keep the truck somewhat under control. I think these tires should be replaced by Firestone. They are Wilderness 16".
M. D. -Brighton, Tennessee
Submitted 31 August 2000

Man Paralyzed after the Tire on his Bronco Blows-Out
On August 16, 2000 Arkansas

A 22 year old athlete, J. Miller, was permanently paralyzed Aug. 16 when a Bridgestone/Firestone ATX rear tire on his westbound Ford Bronco II separated as he was traveling on Interstate 40 near Conway, Arkansas causing him to lose control of the vehicle. The Bronco flipped approximately five times before coming to rest in the eastbound lane of I-40. No other vehicles were involved in the incident. The Bronco allegedly had Bridgestone/Firestone tires subject to the Recall. Miller purchased his Bridgestone/Firestone ATX tires from Sears and Roebuck only four months ago.
J. M.-Conway, Arkansas

Ford Explorer Flips 7 Times with Serious Injuries
On August 12, 2000 Texas

R. was a passenger in a Ford Explorer that blew a front tire (Firestone Tires) on I-35 in Hill County, Texas, while the vehicle was traveling at 70 MPH. The vehicle overturned 6 to 7 times before stopping. Both passengers were taken by Careflight to Harris Hospital Trauma Unit in Fort Worth Texas. Diver has extensive head lacerations and eye muscle damage that will require up to four plastic surgeries.
R.-Arlington, TX
Tire Lost Tread- Having Trouble Replacing
August, 2000 Alabama
We were traveling on the interstate doing below the speed limit because of the recall and the back right tire lost its tread. Firestone has refused to replace the tire, and they say that they cannot fix the damage to my car (which I was trying to sell) for over 30 days. I have talked with over 6 Firestone Representatives who have offered compassionate yet worthless advice.
Frank-Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Ford Explorer Flips Passenger Airlifted With Broken Pelvis
November 28, 1999 California

My family and I were in a 1996 Ford Explorer which was being driven by myself. I was traveling aprox. 75 m.p.h. when the left rear tire blow out on my vehicle. The vehicle began to skid in a clockwise direction from the number 1 lane through the number 2 lane where the vehicle ran off the highway onto the south shoulder of the eastbound I-10. The vehicle continued to skid on the south shoulder where it struck a directional sign and the Corn Spring Rd. post. After striking the sign post, the vehicle rolled in a counter-clockwise direction and came to rest on its left side facing in a southeast direction. My family was restrained in seat belts at the time of the accident. As a result of the roll over accident, My daughter was violently thrown about the vehicle, She was sitting in the rear drivers seat. My daughter subsquently lost consciousness temporily, but was conscious and alert when emergency technicians arrived at the scene. It was determined that my daughter sustained a fracture of the pelvis along with numerous abrasions and contusions, therefore she was airlifted to Desert Regional Medical Center where she underwent extensive examination. Said examination found blut craniofacial trauma, blunt thoracoabdominal trauma, superior and inferior ramifractures on the left, extremity abrasions and contusions, contusion of the left hip and lumbar sprain and radiculopathy to the left shoulder. Upon her release from the hospital, my daughter continued to suffer pain in her back, hip and shoulder bilaterally. The tires on the vehicle were the faulty (ATX radial) tire that is currently all over the news.

Tire Tread Peels
On March 18, 1999 Alabama
The tread came off the right front tire and of my 98 Mazda Protege. The car was wrecked but no serious injuries.
Sean-Mobile, Alabama

Ford Explorer Blow Out and Rollover
October 21, 1999 North Carolina

My 17-year-old daughter and her 18-year-old cousin were driving my 1998 Ford Explorer down Highway 85 in Gaston County, North Carolina. One of the rear tires blew out. As my daughter attempted to maneuver the Explorer to the shoulder, the vehicle went out of control and flipped over twice. It landed on the passenger's side and slid across three lanes of traffic. The passenger window broke out. My daughter and niece were wearing their seatbelts. If they had not, they would have been seriously injured or killed. Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved. Motorists stopped to help the girls, and a highway patrolman came to the scene. It was determined that the tire caused the accident. The Explorer was totaled. The girls were taken to the hospital, treated, and released. My niece had stitches on one of her fingers from the cuts she sustained from the broken window. Later, I had to take both girls to our family doctor because they were in so much pain they could barely move. They were put on medications for inflammation and pain... I did not know that other people had experienced similar experiences with their Explorers, except for my brother. He also had an Explorer on which a tire blew out. His Explorer flipped over, and it was totaled as well. Although we are extremely grateful that no one in our family was seriously injured in either accident, nevertheless, they were injured. Additionally, the nearly $10,000 that I had paid on the Explorer was wasted by the accident, as was the $500 deductible I paid toward my insurance claim; in addition, there were doctor and medicine bills. I am angered to find out that Firestone and Ford knew that the tires were faulty, but they did not recall the tires or remove them from the Explorers. My Explorer had the Wilderness AT tires, which are clearly shown in the pictures I personally took, and in the digital pictures on file at Nationwide Insurance. I believe that we should be reimbursed for monies spent and any other compensation that would be reasonable. Ordinarily, I am not a person who would sue a company, but Firestone and Ford were extremely negligent in their behavior.
Linda- Charlotte, NC

Blow Out and Accident
August 7, 1999 Texas

After getting ripped off by Firestone 4 years ago, I walked out of their store with four new FR440 tires and swearing I would never do business with them again. I thought this was the end of my troubles with them. Last August I was driving down the highway, and I heard a sudden *CRASH* and temporarily lost control of my vehicle (a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo). I pulled over to find that the tread had come off my right front tire, flown up, and taken off my passenger side mirror. I chalked this up to freak occurrence. Not more than a couple months later, I was coming home from a wedding, and I heard that familiar crash. Again, I pulled over and discovered that the right rear tire had lost its tread. This time it flew up and put a small dent in the back of my car. Because I hadn't heard anything about Firestone tires being faulty, I chalked this one up to coincidence. Nevertheless, I got the remaining two tires replaced with new ones just in case.
Martin-Schertz, TX

Wilderness Tire Loses Tread- Detected Before Tragedy
August, 1999 Texas
I have the Firestone Wilderness At tires that I removed from my daughter vehicle in April because Firestone refused to replace them. A friend noticed that the steel belt was showing on the inside of the right front tire. Her friend from Baylor was killed on the way home from springbreak due to her Firestone Tires coming apart. We are just lucky that we heard about the accident and that a good friend noticed that the steel belt was showing on these otherwise new tires. I have the faulty tire. I called the local firestones and the national number and they supposedly wrote down that the steel belt was showing but the only offer they made was a pro-rata at Firestone only and I did not have the money to buy new tires pro-rata or not. I went to Sears and charged Michelins. I am furious that firestone kept this a secret and that my daughter could be dead now if not for an observant friend.
Sandra-Arlington, Texas

Ford Explorer Flips
June 4, 1999 Boston

My husband and I were en route from Seattle to Boston. We were riding in a 1998 Ford Explorer. While driving down interstate 76 in Colorado, our car spun 180 degrees and flipped over 2 3/4 times. We were not given any warning. Afterwards, we discovered that the rear, drivers-side tire blew.
Cathy- Boston, Massachusetts

Son Killed in Ford Ranger
July 7, 1998 Iowa

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