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1/8/2001 Additional Recalled Tires

11/26/2000 Firestone Blowout on Tire subject to recall 2 Photos

11/23/2000 Toyota Camery Firehawk Blowout Photos

11/22/2000 16 Inch Wilderness Tire Recall in UK on 1998 Ford Explorer, Manchester, England

11/16/2000 Ford Explorer Rollover on Cooper Tires, Adams, Wisconsin

11/5/2000 Photo of Tire Separation and Truck Damage

10/29/2000 Bridgestone SF-475 Tread Separation with Photos, Baltimore, MD

10/28/2000 F-250 Tire Photos

10/23/2000 Bridgestone Dueler Defect Photo

10/17/2000 F-250 Tire Photo

10/15/2000 Tread Sepration on 1996 Plymouth Breeze, Richmond, Virginia

10/15/2000 Worried Ford Explorer owner waiting for Replacements, Pineville, WV

10/12/2000 Photos of Tire defect on Ford Pickup 350, Purcellville, Virginia

10/11/2000 Noticed Tire Separation Three years ago, Lubbock, Texas

10/10/2000 Big piece of my left rear tire flapping around the side, N. Hollywood, CA

10/9/2000 Tread separation on one of my 4 Firestone Wilderness AT 16"/70/255 tires, Waycross, Georgia

10/7/2000 Small crack in 16 Inch Firestone Photo

10/6/2000 1997 Mercury Mountaineer tire cracked and replaced, Millstadt, Illinois

10/5/2000 Toyota 4x4 Extended Cab Truck Tread peeled while driving, Lexington, Kentucky

10/5/2000 16 inch Wilderness on General Motors Vehicle, along with GM's Statement

10/4/2000 1998 Ford Ranger Blowout, Eagle River, Alaska

10/3/2000 1998 Explorer Sport 16 Inch Tread separation, New Jersey

10/3/2000 Replacing tires on 2001 Explorer Sport Trac with Goodyear, Plymouth, Minnesota

10/2/2000 Wilderness AT' P265/75R16-114S Complete Tread Separation, Laughlin, Nevada

10/2/2000 Firestone Tires fail on School Bus

10/2/2000 Ford Explorer tires replaced 9/28/2000 with Peerless tires, Peerless tire Blowout, Lowell, Massachusetts

10/2/2000 1999 Ford Ranger with VDHL Wilderness AT P235R-15 tires Tread Separation, Topsham, Maine

10/2/2000 Right rear tire lost its tread and blew out, Rosendale, WI

10/2/2000 3rd ATX Tire blew out on my Suburban, Lockhart, Texas

10/2/2000 1999 Ford Expedition with "Advisory Tires"

10/2/2000 Problems with Firestone Steeltex R4S 235 85 R16, Lakeland, TN

10/1/2000 Tread on my left front tire separated, Tuscon, Arizona

10/1/2000 Ford Explorer Tires Separate after being given wrong info by Dealer, Florida

9/30/2000 Photos of Firestone Tire Blowout, Butte, Montana

9/30/2000 Check Firestone Wilderness AT tires not described recall, Houston, Texas

9/29/2000 Chevrolet Silverado ext. Z71 with the 16 in. Wilderness AT tires With Family Photo

9/29/2000 Insurance adjuster Handled many claims with these defective tires, Savannah, Georgia

9/29/2000 I have the new Wilderness AT's (P235/75/R15), Carlsbad, CA

9/29/2000 Firestone Affinity Touring P215/60R15 BL?, Rockford, Illinois

9/28/2000 True some of the tires are seperating, but only the Fords are rolling with Photo

9/28/2000 3 Separations on1999 Ford Explorer,Willow Springs, Mo.

9/28/2000 Cutting back trips for fear that I won't make it home one of these times, Des Moines, IA

9/27/2000 Believe the 16 inch Wilderness AT tires should be recalled.

9/26/2000 2000 Chevy Venture Van, Clover, SC

9/26/2000 1998 Ford Windstar GL tire shredded, Linden, Virginia

9/25/2000 Rear tire blow out 2000 Nissan Frontier P21575R with Photo, Fort Bend, Texas.

9/24/2000 In Answer to Firestone Tire Retailer, Spring Hill, Florida

9/24/2000 Scared in 1997 Ford Explorer with Wilderness AT tires, Gobles, Michigan

9/24/2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, The Bridgestone "Dueler" separation, Georgia

9/23/2000 Photos of Firestone Firehawk SS10 P195/60R15

9/20/2000 Ford Explorer and poor Tire Maintainance are also problems writes a Firestone retailer, Tampa, Florida

9/19/2000 Overview: Firestone and Ford to change their ways and make safety their number one priority

9/19/2000 Winnebago Winnie Mini Motorhome Blow out with Photos, Sacramento, Ca

9/18/2000 Phone tied Firestone Employee- Concerns are not all they seem

9/18/2000 2000 Chevy Silverado pick up-P265/75R16 $30,000 in Damage

9/18/2000 Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires with Photo

9/17/2000 1999 Ford Explorer Left Rear Blow out, Thornton, Colorado

9/17/2000 1999 Ford Explorer, with P235/75R15-DOT W2HL- Wilderness AT tires, Gordonsville, TN

9/17/2000 1994 Ford Explorer with ATX 75R15 tires, Dealer "no tires to replace them", Odessa, Nebraska

9/16/2000 1999 Cheverolet 1500 Series 4x4 half-ton pickup 16 Inch Blow out, Pueblo, Colorado

9/15/2000 GM of Company in Brazil has Issues with Ford Explorer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9/15/2000 Large Gripe Firestone ATX replaced with Bridgestone Dueler letter, Corona, California

9/14/2000 Firestone cut curing time from 26 minutes to 16 minutes making a bad tire a killer tire.

9/14/2000 Letter to Ford and The Ford Response

9/14/2000 Got Rid of My Explorer just bought a Chevy letter to Nasser

9/13/2000 Photo of Tire Blow out-Vacation Explosion

9/12/2000 Letter to Firestone/Bridgestone

9/12/2000 No More Firestones-No more Fords after Two Blow outs

9/12/2000 I'm Scared of Tires on 1997 Ford Explorer, Ford, New Jersey

9/12/2000 Tire Blow out with Photos, Michigan

9/12/2000 16" Wilderness Blow out on Eddie Bauer Explorer, Oxford, Alabama

9/12/2000 Should recall 16 inch had blow out 2 days ago, Smithsburg, Maryland

9/11/2000- Wilderness Tires on Explorer Not on Recall Separated, Seattle, Washington

9/11/2000- Wilderness Tires on 1999 Ford Explorer should be recalled, Sarnia-On, Canada

9/11/2000- Ford Ranger 16" Blow Out, Cartersville, Georgia

9/11/2000- Firestone dealer would not replace Wilderness AT last year , Midlothian, Virginia

9/11/2000- Changing 16" Wilderness Tires on 2000 Chevy Tahoe- Firestone=Death Tire, Houston, Texas

9/10/2000- Firestone Needs to Stop Playing with lives- Germantown, Maryland

9/10/2000- Tire Blow Out 1997 Explorer with wilderness AT P235/70r16, Lenoir, North Carolina

9/10/2000- Concerned about Wilderness NT Tires, Columbus, Ohio

9/10/2000- Upset I leased a 2000 Ford Explorer, Bayville, New Jersey

9/10/2000- Firestone Blow out costs my Wallet not Life, Bradenton, Florida

9/10/2000- Manager of Tire Company: Sees problems on Non-Recall 15 and 16 Inch, Hull, Georgia

9/10/2000- Ford Explorer Blow Out, Barranquilla, Colombia, South America

9/8/2000- FirestoneTire Blow out Last week, Little, Rock Arkansas

9/8/2000- Firestone FireHawk blow out, El Paso, Texas

9/8/2000- Ford Ranger Tire Blow out Firestone Offers to Replace with Tire on NHTSA advisory, Round Hill

9/7/2000 16 Inch Wilderness Separation, Pioneer, California

9/7/2000 Total Tire Failure, Pennsylvania

9/7/2000 Letter to Firestone, Des Plaines, Illinois

9/7/2000 Survived Accident, Norcross Georgia

9/7/2000 Bridgestone Duler Failure-5 Tires, Burgadelzhausen, Germany

9/7/2000 Worried about Safety of All Firestone Tires

9/6/2000 Firestone Won't Replace Tires, Indianapolis, Indiana

9/6/2000 15 Inch Tire Blow Out,Weatherford, Oklahoma

9/6/2000 Changing All Firestones Even though Not on Recall List, Houston, Texas

9/4/2000 Nissan Pathfinder with Bridgestone Blow-Out, Nashville, Tennessee

9/3/2000 16 Inch Tire Problems, Laredo, TX

9/3/2000 Just Realized Had Recalled Tires, GARDEN GROVE, CA

9/2/2000 Ford Explorer Tire Blow Out, Bloomington CA

9/1/2000 Tires Separting on Firestone Tires Not Subject to the Recall, St. Michael, MN

9/1/2000 Ford Asks Manufacturers to Modify Tire Designs

9/1/2000 Firestone ATX Blow Out In Jeep- Concerned, Beaumont, Texas

9/1/2000 Chevrolet Malibu Accident on Firestone Tires, Ocala, Tennessee

8/31/2000 Get Rid of Your Wilderness Tires, Lithonia, Georgia

8/30/2000 How Broad Should Recall Be?

8/30/2000 Firestone 14 Inch Blow-Out, Should Recall 14 Inch Tires, Pensacola, FL

8/29/2000 Whistleblower is Fired After he experiences 5 Blow outs on Test Tires

8/29/2000 Wilderness 16 Inch Blow Out-Expand Recall, Vancouver , WA

8/29/2000 Ford Explorer Two Tire Blowout- Angry, Hoover, Alabama

8/29/2000 Foreign Recall Raises Questions

8/28/2000 Beware of 16 inch tires riding on sidewall, NY

8/28/2000 Ford Explorer is Dangerous apart from the Tires

On a Lighter Note:

My only life insurance is FIRESTONE tires Photo c. 1916

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