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I was traveling at 35 mph on a side street in my 1998 Ford "Explorer" that is equipped with FIRESTONE WILDERNESS AT tires (Dot #VDHL), when without warning, I suddenly realized I was sliding into three (3) other cars. Within seconds we all became a mess of steel & plastic. Thank God no one was severely injured, but EVERYONE received plenty of bumps & bruises.

I'm like everyone else, I've been trying for weeks to get Firestone to replace my tires. They've sent me letters, we've made phone calls to them, but the only response we get is "they're coming ... you just have to be patience."

Enclosed are Pictures! My advice to ALL is beware. It does NOT matter whether you are on the e-way, side street or pulling out of your driveway, these tires can go at any minute!

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