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Gary T. from New Orleans

State where accident took place: LA

Make of Vehicle: 1996 Ford Explorer

Date of Accident.: 9-22-00

Your Injury: No serious injuries; vehicle totalled

As I drove west on Interstate 10 during a heavy rain (between 60 and 65 mph), my Explorer suddenly spun off the highway into a grove of trees in the median. It turned over (at least partially) and sustained damages on the left, right, rear and top of the vehicle. Although both the left front and left rear tires were separated from their rims, only the left rear (not a Firestone tire) shows rim damage. Although there is no immediately apparent blowout evidence, it is my belief that the left front tire blew or separated itself from the rim somehow, thus causing the counterclockwise spin that resulted. Although I am uninjured, the loss of my vehicle is a serious blow to my livelihood.

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