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Date of Accident.: 09-16-2000

Your Injury: lumbar/also child in car

Case description: also injured people in other car. tires also glad and slide on dry road. will not stop properly.acts as if your driving on water. my vehicle also brand new did not have but 10 miles on it. it is a ford explorer sport 2001.! should not have had this accident. it was my tires would not stop and was not going fast officers even put in my accident report.I also took my vehicle to firestone 3 times prior to accident also took it to ford dealership machinac shop in meridian on frontage rd. did not even put my vehicle on the rack and lift it up like the other cars but I was also the only female there out of 11 cars at the time. and the only one they did not put on rack. I also complain to my dealership about it before my accident but to no evail did I get help now look what happen saterday I had my first accident in 39 years of my driving I had a perfect driving record.until saterday the 16th. because of firestone wilderness tires.I say they should recall 2000 and 2001 tries on all new suvs!!! thank you for leting me explaing my concerens maybe this will help some other familiy (or) SINGLE MOM LKE MYSELF.BEFORE THEY HAVE A ACCIDENT WITH THERE CHILD IN THE CAR AND THEMSELFS""THANKS!


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