Toshikai S. from San Jose, California reports:

DOT Tire Number: UNHL1PM095

Date of Accident.: 5/8/2000

Your Injury: my mother had a subarchnoidal afterward

Case description: When I drove from i280 south to US101 north junction in San Jose at 10:15 on 5/8/2000, at the end of the off the ramp, the Ford Explorer 1995 with Firestone ATX (235-75-15) was totally out of control.

I had a feeling the car gave a lurch to left. There were concrete blocks to separate the on ramp lane from main lanes, I tried not to hit the block, but the car began to spin. The the car hit to the block and bounced back. Finally, the car ran on to the bank and stopped.

The front left tire came off. I am not sure if the tire had a tread problem or not.

If there were no blocks, we (my wife, two son and my mother) would be killed in the accident.

During the collision, the airbags operated and I and my mother were hit by them.

I thought the injury were light, but it turned out that my mother had a subarchnoidal strike after 2 months from the accident and the doctor said the problem should/probably caused from the accident.


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