Benita J.
Homestead, Fl

South Carolina
Date Of Accident: 02-01-99

Your Injury: severe head injury: 60+sutures-fracture (L) hand-glass in both eyes-neck injury

Case description: Driving home when I observed a vehicle coming towards me in my lane. Applied my break decreasing speed to about 40mph.I then began to blow my horn and flash lights to hopfully get the attrntion of other driver driver did not respond. So immediatly I moved into the left lane allowing the other driver to pass,when driver passed I was entering back into the right lane when my Suv (1996 ford Explorer Sport) passenger tires blew I then lost control of the vehicle, The vehicle then leaned on the passenger side and began to flip.The vehicle then went off the road falling 18 feet from the surface.Will email Picture to staff at firestone-tire -recall.


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