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Karen fromYardley, PA

State where accident took place.: Pa

DOT Tire Number: Vehicle totalled and towed from scene

Date of Accident.: 1-27-00

Your Injury: Lumbar, cervicaldisc/spasm, knee contusions, low back pain with radiculopathy

Case description: While travelling on I-95 in a Ford Explorer, I encountered poor road surface conditions, appeared to drift for no apparent reason and then lost control of vehicle, hit median and rolled. Vehicle totalled. This occurred 2 days after a significant snowstorm which made road surface very "pothole" ridden. Witness to accident stated vehicle drifting looked like vehicle was unsteady for some reason. Have tried reporting this accident to Firestone directly for past three weeks but no one is "responsible" for that, or no

One answers phone lines for reporting injury/accident. Am VERY frustrated. Please contact me ASAP. Insurance co. stated vehicle was taken to salvage yard in Delaware but of course am still waiting for details....Thankyou



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