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Tanessa P. from Ferris Texas

Date of Accident: 10/4/2000

Ford Ranger Rollover when back tire separated

Case description: Per police report unit 1 e/b in the 2nd to inside lane and the RR tire lost its tread and then blewout. Unit 1 swerved across the inside lane, inside shoulder (beginning a rotation to the right) and as unit 1 swung around to almost a complete 180 degrees, struck the guardrail with the FR, Unit 1 then continued E/B backwards and struck BC to the guardrail and then flipped int he air and came down on the right side. Unit 1 slid on its right side where it came to rest on its right side between hte insdie and second to inside lane. Driver 1 could only remember losting control of the vehicle and he thought he had a blowout. The lost tire tread was lying in the second to inside lane Unit 1 left 136' of skids with FR and BR tire before impact. No witnesses. All 4 tires on Unit 1 were Baja Widetrack Radials. R/O took photographs of the accident scene and placed the disk in an envelope and attached it to this report. R/O had 2 citations mailed to Driver 1 at his listed address. 87 Ford Skid Before 136' Eastbound Damage FR-2/Ld-1; BC-2/Rd-1 Remarks: unit 1 had blowout of R tire 13' east of rp. Tire tread was at rest 349' from RP and Unit 1 came to rest 461' from RP. RP is the main st East Pipeline bridge pillar. - Totaled Vehicle, driver sent by amublance to local hospital. Released after overnight observation and watched on a prn basis.

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