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I was driving south on I-75 by Macon Ga. last year. We were returning from vacation. About 3:30p.m. I heard what sounded like an explosion. About that time I started to lose control of my vehicle.(I was driving a 1992 dodge caravan) To keep from hitting the center concrete divider I tried to turn my van away from the wall. In the process I bounced off a semi's back tire.

The van then flew back into the divider over the wall and ended up facing north on its top.

My stepdaughter and a friends daughter both flew out the back of the van. One ended up on one side of I-75 and the other one ended up on the other side.

Total injuries: Stepdaughter, broken toe broken finger, broken wrist numerous abrasions to her legs.

Friends daughter: two broken clavicles broken pelvis and numerous cuts and abrasions

Myself: split left arm broken clavicle and my scalp was torn off.

I had a firestone 360 on my dodge caravan. Its not just the recalled tires and Ford that has a problem. By the way the engineering report stated that the tread had come off the tire. I can not give my name at this time as that we have ongoing litigation but if this helps to save a life it is worth sending.

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