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Liz W. from Red Lodge, MT

Make of Vehicle: Ford Explorer

Case description: My daughter, niece and I were headed to visit my brother in Evanston, WY. The interstate I-80 was clear and we were just out of Green River, about 75 miles to our destination. The speed limit was 75 but I was only going 55 and started to increase my speed to 60 MPH when I went over a small dip in the road and the rear end of the Explorer just slid right off the interstate into the median. I was sure we were going to be killed as the east side of the interstate was full of vehicles. We spun around several times, flipped at least twice and slid down the median, coming to rest by a guard rail. Neither one of my passengers were injured but my head went out the window and the roof collasped on me. I had to be cut out of the vehicle. I suffered head and neck injuries which still leave me in pain. I thought it may have been ice but no evidence of any in the dip on the road. I am just starting working on trying to find out what type of tires were on the Explorer as it was totalled and I never saw it again after the next day. I did, fortunately, have some pictures taken which shows the right rear tire off the rim and little to no damage on the right side, only on the left side. You can guarantee that I am going to do more investigating on this accident. It still gives me nightmares and is so real that I can still visualize the whole incident.

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