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Cheryl S. from Haslett, Michigan Make of Vehicle: Ford Explorer

In January 1999 We were traveling home in the morning from northern Michigan. We live in the Lansing area. We had heard a storm was coming and wanted to get home before it hit. It started to snow, what looked like dry flurries, that weren't sticking to the road. We had the car set on 55 (cruise control) because there was a lot of traffic coming home after the New Years holiday. The road looked perfectly fine, it didn't seem slippery and the snow wasn't sticking. We were on 27 south. We started to round a curve and totally without warning we lost control of the car. My husband tried to correct, but we had no control as the car rolled over and landed on the side of the road upside down with the roof flattened. The windows were blown out and the tires were blown out. Our seat-belts saved us. We couldn't turn the car off, and it was hard to extract ourselves from the seatbelts because we were upside down. We finally were able to crawl out of the windows. When the tow truck came , the operator said that he had seen fatalies in cars much less damaged.

The accident has always bothered me because people said we must have hit dry ice, but there were so many cars speeding past us for an hour on the same curve, and if dry ice was there I am sure there would have been more cars off the road. The weather continued to worsen and later in the day due to road conditions there were many cars off the road, but at the time of our accident, the roads were not yet bad.

We do have pictures of the car----it was totaled, but we had no knowledge of a problem with tires. Now I wonder if it was the tires. Why were they all blown out?

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